About Us

Made by travelers

It is important for us that everything is as it really is. Sometimes wet, dirty, too hot or stretched out in time, but despite everything so excitingly new and impressive. Maybe not as we saw on Instagram, maybe the weather was unbearable and "everything didn't go according to plan", because this is a trip. Spontaneous, sometimes absurd, incomprehensible and always unpredictable.

It's likely that we don't look like heroes in our travel photos, but we have a lot of interesting stories about what we saw, who we met, and what we learned.

We created Turbat to persevere and boldly explore the world around us. Gear and clothing to explore, wonder and adventure anywhere on the planet.

To be free, real, happy.


Made in Ukraine

We keep production in Ukraine as much as possible, because we know that this is a sign of quality and pride. This is an important support for local sewing professions and the local economy.

We cooperate with ten small factories with responsible working conditions, where each of our products is manufactured carefully and carefully.

We strive to conduct business in a legal and ethical manner. Therefore, we act exclusively within the framework of Article 43 of the Constitution of Ukraine and in accordance with Article 31 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which prohibits labor practices that are inhumane or endanger the health and safety of our employees, and emphasizes our commitment not to do business with individuals or companies that engaged in forced labor, illegal child labor and/or human trafficking